We like Big Butts and we cannot lie!

Today's big butt that we are appreciating belongs to fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa.

This Beautiful Brazilian bodybuilder has curves that most woman long for/admire. But, that didn't come easy for her, well maybe easier than for most because she is Brazilian after all. But nonetheless, she definitely works hard to build and maintain her amazing form

Do you want to build a bigger booty that looks like hers? I don't blame you, as I say the bigger the booty the better. Well, you're in luck. Below I've posted a video of this big-butt model's workout, to give you a few ideas. Pay close attention to her form, and remember to always squeeze your glutes as you perform these exercises. To see other articles/tips for getting a bigger butt see this page- Big Booty Basics!

Remember to stretch properly before-hand (seen Here), and never use too much that makes you sacrifice proper workout form.

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