How To Get A Big Butt 2016 Edition

Alright so you have decided that you want a bigger butt? That's no surprise. Not only do big butts give the impression that a person is healthy (seriously), they also are just fun to look. So where do you get started if you want to improve the look and size of your butt? In this post I am going to outline the most effective ways that I have gotten my hips and behind bigger. If you pay close attention and follow the steps I mention , you will see results. OK lets grow that booty!

Here are some real ways to make your butt bigger.
1. Diet/Nutrition 

It's not a secret that a healthy diet will lead to fat loss. Your diet can also be tailored to building muscles faster, including the butt. Nutrition can also play a key role in development rates.

How Your Food Can Make Your Butt Bigger

There are different types of food that can be eaten to build the enlargement rate of your rear end as well as improve your general fitness and muscle growth in other areas. Obviously to actually build your buttocks you will need to work out (sorry to tell you). But one thing you can do is exercise smartly. Having a proper diet and taking the supplements you need to maximize your potential are two of the many ways to exercise smarter rather than harder.

As most of you know, exercise is all about doing work and then resting. That is, you exert yourself and build your muscles/endurance, and then take a break so that your body can recover. With this pattern, your bodies overall health and physique improves drastically. Whether your workout involves squats and heavy weight lifting (recommended for maximum growth), or lighter weight routines, eating correctly will enhance the gains you receive from putting all that sweat and effort in. So food is an essential

Which Foods To Eat

So you’ve just finished a great workout and you are feeling accomplished and sore at the same time. What are the best foods to eat to maximize the improvement you get from exercising? The answer can vary a bit depending on many factors including: age, weight, height, immune system, metabolism, etc. 

The list could go on forever. But, there are a few general guidelines that you should follow if you want to get serious about building a large butt quickly. But take note, that if you are someone who is extremely underweight, you may need more nutrition to make fast gains as opposed to someone who is considered to be of average weight. Also, don’t pay too much attention to going over your ‘calorie count’. Exercising uses a lot of your bodies energy so you may need a little extra nourishment.

So to be clear don't starve yourself when exercising (you won't improve), but also make sure that you try to eat healthy. No, actually don't try, just do. Eating a healthy and proper diet has so many benefits, there is really no excuse not to. Trust me, if you go from a diet filled with junk food and processed crap to one of fresh fruits/vegetables and the right types of meat, you will definitely be able to feel the difference it can make in your body.
So back to muscle growth and building your glutes. Try to eat foods that promote muscle growth in general. A good place to start would be to find foods that are high in protein. Protein is an essential nutrient that your body needs for all kinds of reasons, including muscle building. It's not just something that professional body-builders need to worry about. If you really want rapid results, you must get enough protein to speed up the repair of your sore glutes after an intense work out.

Some of the many foods high in protein are:

- turkey
- eggs
- fish (salmon)
- Steak (try to get lean cuts)
- beans (kidney, black, etc)
- Chicken (skinless preferably)

Don't limit yourself to just protein though. You will also need carbohydrates (don't be scared) and many other nutrients you receive from fruits and vegetables. That being said, some of my recommendations of foods to eat for carbs are: brown rice, sweet potatoes, and whole grains.

Supplements That Help Your Butt Growth

Supplements can take your fitness success to the next level. This is my favorite option when it comes to maximizing what you get out of your long work out sessions. The idea behind supplements is basically the same as food. What is so special about supplements is they are very convenient and focused on your individual needs.

One type of supplement that I can recommend everyone to take is protein. As I said before, protein is crucial in recovering properly and making gains quickly. Taking a protein supplement can really give you the full benefits of protein and ensure that you are getting enough of it in your diet.

There are many different choices and brands when it comes to protein supplements. This one is my favorite:
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound, 80 Ounce

Optimum makes great products, and their whey protein in particular has been extremely helpful in growing the size of my rear. But getting a good protein supplement is just scratching the surface. There are many more beneficial supplements you can take to aid in your fitness journey. Here is a link to the  top selling supplements on if you are interested. While not all supplements are necessary, I would recommend that you at least take protein if you are serious about your fitness.

A key thing to remember is that while exercise is extremely important, you will not get great results without the proper nutrition and diet plan.

2. Exercise

This is an extremely important aspect of building a bigger butt. Working out only comes second to diet when improving how your body looks. With that being said, exercise will drastically shape your lower half and add healthy mass to your booty. Working on building a bigger butt will also make the rest of your figure look great.  Men and women both prefer a 'squat booty' compared to a boring flat one, trust me.

Preparing to exercise should include stretching. That link will explain how to stretch a bit more in detail and includes a video showcasing some of the most effective stretches. Warming up with some stretches before a workout is a great way to prevent injury/increase the productivity of your exercises. When stretching, try to focus on your hip-flexors, core, and legs/hamstrings.

Alright now you are ready to start sweating! There are many variations of workouts that you can do to work on your glutes. Some of the most common exercises for the butt are:

- Squats
- Deadlifts
- Glute Thrusts
- Lunges
- Kickbacks

Most of these exercises can be performed effectively without weights. A beginner can workout with just body-weight alone and get a nice gain of muscle. But its important to know that after you have been working out for some time, you will need to add resistance to continue gaining mass in your butt.I recommend adding weights as quickly into your routine as quickly as possible. I like to use these: CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell, Single They have become a crucial part of my work out.

The exercises that I listed above will become much more difficult if you add weight. This is good. That means that your results will improve. Remember: hard work will translate into results. Also, be careful not to add so much weight resistance that you must sacrifice proper technique; that is how people end up with fitness-related injuries.

Out of the choices, squats are definitely the most effect movement I do to grow my booty. To make squatting effective, a few things need to be on your checklist. Assuming you know the basics of squatting (there will be a video below), here are some tips to maximize your booty building endeavors:


1. Always be sure to keep your weight in your heels as you lower your body. This will ensure that your butt becomes part of the workout.

2. Mentally focus on your glutes and concentrate on squeezing them hard during each rep, especially when coming up from the squat-movement.

3. Stick your butt out behind you during reps, almost as if you were going to sit down in a chair. This will enable you to thrust forward a bit on your return from the bottom of your squat.

4. Another tip is to go as low as you can while keeping your back straight for the most part. This will also encourage your booty to get working! (glute activation!)

This video below will show a fitness instructor demonstrating some butt workouts, with some good variations on squats. I hope this gives you a good visualization.

Don't overlook your other workout options either. While squats are amazing I can tell you with confidence that dead-lifts and lunges are great for shaping your body as well. Side lunges are a good example of an exercise that give you the hourglass shape (like Kim Khardashians') that women dream of.

Remember that with exercise, dedication is key and results will not come overnight. And I cannot stress enough to remember to use proper form above all else. If you cannot do a squat properly with 60lbs then don't try 80lbs. This may seem obvious but many people lift more than they should, especially when starting out.

3. Surgery

This method of getting a bigger butt is my least recommended for several reasons. This option is really only available for someone with extra money who is willing to spend it altering their body. I believe that you can get much better results going natural with diet and exercise.

Surgery is going to be something that some women/men consider for a few reasons. There isn't much work involved, that is, you just get the surgery done and there is no physical exercise to do. Also, surgery is arguably a much faster route to obtaining results than dedicating yourself to working out.

But, surgery also carries with it a risk of serious health problems. Many people go in for plastic surgery only to come out with a complicated medical issue. There is a screening process for surgery, but it cannot be perfect.

Something else to consider is how permanent are your results going to be? Your butt will not look like it did after surgery forever. Exercise, if done consistently, will allow you to maintain your butt's form. An added benefit of exercising your butt is increased general health.

Surgery is not cheap either. You may end up spending a fortune (thousands of dollars) for a good looking butt. 

These are 3 very effective solutions for how to  make your butt bigger and improve the overall form of your body. The best options are to maintain a proper diet and exercise schedule, while surgery should only be a last resort. Stay tuned for more on all things big-butt related. 

We like Big Butts and we cannot lie!

Today's big butt that we are appreciating belongs to fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa.

This Beautiful Brazilian bodybuilder has curves that most woman long for/admire. But, that didn't come easy for her, well maybe easier than for most because she is Brazilian after all. But nonetheless, she definitely works hard to build and maintain her amazing form

Do you want to build a bigger booty that looks like hers? I don't blame you, as I say the bigger the booty the better. Well, you're in luck. Below I've posted a video of this big-butt model's workout, to give you a few ideas. Pay close attention to her form, and remember to always squeeze your glutes as you perform these exercises. To see other articles/tips for getting a bigger butt see this page- Big Booty Basics!

Remember to stretch properly before-hand (seen Here), and never use too much that makes you sacrifice proper workout form.

Stretching your Booty will help it grow

One thing that commonly gets overlooked in exercising, is the importance of stretching. Indeed, it is often overlooked while building a bigger butt as well. Stretching has several benefits that you will notice almost immediately after doing it.

Stretching, releases muscle tension and increases your flexibility, which will allow you to maximize your gains from working out. You really need to stretch out your legs, your core, and your hip-flexor muscles before you begin doing big-butt workouts, like squats, deadlifts, etc. The video that I have posted below is a nice stretching routine that should be done before/after working out that beautiful booty!
If you stretch really well, workout with proper form (workout tips in this Post), and have a correct diet, you will be on your way to getting a bigger butt in no time! Stay tuned for more big booty info and exercise advise. More big booty beauties on the way as well!

Big Butt Appreciation

Today's post will be less about building a bigger butt and more about appreciating one that is already big. The Big Butt we are appreciating today belongs to Bruna Lima. She is a gorgeous fitness model from Brazil, where big butts are more common than you would think. What makes her so special, though, is it's perfect shape, her fit body, and her overall gorgeous looks. Take a look for yourself.
Bruna is on the right.

Her beautiful round bottom is only one feature of this woman that makes her stand out, but what a gorgeous butt it is. You can tell that she has a proper diet and works hard every week to keep her form. This is the type of butt that all men want.

Do you want a butt that looks similar to hers? Well check out this video of her working out. Keep in mind to do glute-activation exercises beforehand. And if you want to watch her gorgeous booty in action more than once...we won't judge you. Her yoga pants makes make her butt even more attractive.

Workout that Butt!

In the previous post, glute activation was discussed and demonstrated in the posted video. Once you have the basics of getting your butt active, the next step in getting a bigger butt is to exercise, and more importantly, exercising correctly.

To maximize the size gain in your butt area a few things should be done. For example lets take a look at the popular exercise known as 'squatting'. Squatting in general is a great way to build your lower body and therefore your butt. That is easier said than done, though.

To make squatting effective for building a big booty, a few things need to be on your checklist. Assuming you know the basics of squatting (there will be a video at the bottom of this post), here are some tips to maximize your booty building endeavors.
         -Always be sure to keep your weight in your heels as you lower your body. This will ensure
          that your butt becomes part of the workout.
         -Mentally focus on your glutes and concentrate on squeezing them hard during each rep,
          especially when coming up from the squat-movement.
         -Stick your butt out behind you during reps, almost as if you were going to sit down in a chair.             This will enable you to thrust forward a bit on your return from the bottom of your squat.
         -Another tip is to go as low as you can while keeping your back straight for the most part. This
          will also encourage your booty to get working!

Squats can be done with or without weights, but for a beginner, without weights is definitely the way to go. It is more important to make sure you have proper form and are utilizing your glutes. This is to prevent injury, and also to enable you to really work on that big behind!

I leave you with a video showcasing a five-minute butt workout that you can try. More importantly, study the form and movement of the squats you see in the video. If you want a big butt, technique is key.

Big Booty Basics

So, I'm sure a lot of people are curious how to make their butt larger if they aren't gifted naturally. A big butt for some people, just comes naturally and it's just how their body is shaped. For others, though, a big butt may seem like something that requires a lot of work to develop and maintain. This is certainly true in some cases.

So you naturally have a bigger butt? That's great. For everyone else (most people) you are going to have to put some work into it. It's not as easy as it might seem. There are some basic workouts meant to increase your glute strength, such as the squat and deadlift exercises. But, most people don't know how to fully utilize these workouts to focus on their rear. For example, when most people squat (especially men) they have too much dependence on their leg muscles and aren't getting their glutes to properly contract.

Knowing how to activate your glute muscles prior to working out is extremely important in getting that big shapely bottom you have always dreamed of. When considering working on your butt, first make sure that you are adept at contracting your glute muscles and knowing how to isolate them. Then, start exercising and focusing on your glutes as you sweat. Workouts such as squats become extremely effective if you concentrate on your squeezing your glutes and perform with the correct squat form. Know how to properly use your butt, and you will see big changes.

While the basics of building a bigger booty are being able to contract the glutes, there are still more factors that matter. Diet (a topic to be covered later), for example,  will definitely play a role in how well your glutes develop. But for now, the video below is here to show how to activate your butt muscles.
These movements and stretches should help you get your booty warmed up and ready for training. When doing these exercises, try to squeeze your glutes. The "bridge" warm ups are very effective in getting your butt muscles ready.

This Site is About All Things Big Booty!

Ah, the butt. Not to be overshadowed by, well...other body parts, the buttocks can be a beautifully thing to look at for men and women alike. There is just something so alluring about a luscious rump, which is evident in how popular they have become in today's society. Some men even say that the first thing they notice on a woman is her butt (or lack of).

What is it that makes a man so attracted to a shapely bum? What qualifies as a nice bottom? And how can someone with a flat butt get the huge booty they always wanted? This blog will address these concerns and more. The aim of this blog is to inform in all matters of big butts and why they matter. Are you a woman curious how to improve the size of her butt? Or even a man looking to get into better shape? You have come to the right place!

And yes, I did mention men. Some ladies like a nice shapely rear to stare at as well, and why shouldn't they? A butt full of muscle not only suggests lower body strength, it also demonstrates that a person cares about themselves and the small (or large) details. And hey...big booties don't feel bad to touch either...

Some people may not find their butt to be all that important, but they are simply wrong. A chiseled and large butt will instantly make you more attractive to the opposite sex (or same-sex if that's your thing). For example, take a look at Kim Kardashian a sort-of big booty queen. Both men and women love her huge butt and have trouble not starting at it too long. Hell, she practically got famous because of it. Big butts are here to stay!

Have any thoughts on Big Butts? Drop a line in the comment section below.