Big Butt Appreciation

Today's post will be less about building a bigger butt and more about appreciating one that is already big. The Big Butt we are appreciating today belongs to Bruna Lima. She is a gorgeous fitness model from Brazil, where big butts are more common than you would think. What makes her so special, though, is it's perfect shape, her fit body, and her overall gorgeous looks. Take a look for yourself.
Bruna is on the right.

Her beautiful round bottom is only one feature of this woman that makes her stand out, but what a gorgeous butt it is. You can tell that she has a proper diet and works hard every week to keep her form. This is the type of butt that all men want.

Do you want a butt that looks similar to hers? Well check out this video of her working out. Keep in mind to do glute-activation exercises beforehand. And if you want to watch her gorgeous booty in action more than once...we won't judge you. Her yoga pants makes make her butt even more attractive.

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