This Site is About All Things Big Booty!

Ah, the butt. Not to be overshadowed by, well...other body parts, the buttocks can be a beautifully thing to look at for men and women alike. There is just something so alluring about a luscious rump, which is evident in how popular they have become in today's society. Some men even say that the first thing they notice on a woman is her butt (or lack of).

What is it that makes a man so attracted to a shapely bum? What qualifies as a nice bottom? And how can someone with a flat butt get the huge booty they always wanted? This blog will address these concerns and more. The aim of this blog is to inform in all matters of big butts and why they matter. Are you a woman curious how to improve the size of her butt? Or even a man looking to get into better shape? You have come to the right place!

And yes, I did mention men. Some ladies like a nice shapely rear to stare at as well, and why shouldn't they? A butt full of muscle not only suggests lower body strength, it also demonstrates that a person cares about themselves and the small (or large) details. And hey...big booties don't feel bad to touch either...

Some people may not find their butt to be all that important, but they are simply wrong. A chiseled and large butt will instantly make you more attractive to the opposite sex (or same-sex if that's your thing). For example, take a look at Kim Kardashian a sort-of big booty queen. Both men and women love her huge butt and have trouble not starting at it too long. Hell, she practically got famous because of it. Big butts are here to stay!

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